2018 Membership

If you are a returning member, register using a link in an email invitation sent to you or click here: 2017 Member Renewal

If you are new to the club and would like to register - welcome!  Click here: 2018 New Member Registration

2018 Calendar Highlights

(BDMGC Majors in Bold)

March 31 - Spring Tour at Spring Valley

April 7 - Spring Tour at Hartford Country Club

April 14 - Spring Tour at Naga-Waukee

April 21 - Spring Tour at Fire Ridge

May 5 - The Mixer (+ Lunch & Meeting)

May 26 - Summer Tour 1

June 9 - The Memorial

June 16 - Summer Tour 2

July 1 - The Quota Classic

July 14 - Summer Tour 3

July 28 - The President’s Cup (+ Lunch & Meeting)

August 4 - Summer Tour 4

August 18 & 19 - Bill Eckhardt 2-Man Best Ball (2-day & 1-day options)

September 2 - Summer Tour 5

September 15 - The Wind-Up

October Date TBD - Year-end Awards Dinner & Meeting

Kreger 2-Man Match Medal 

Congratulations to the 2017 champions, Bruce Myslis and Chris Hoel - 2017 Kreger Brackets

Watch for invitations in March with a link to register for the 2018 Kreger 2-Man Match Medal. 

For tournament rules including guidance on calculating handicaps, click here (and see the bottom of the page).

Individual Match Play

Congratulations to the 2017 champions - 2017 Match Play Brackets:

Club Champion: Nate Joy

Flight 1: Jim Zirbes

Flight 2: Tom Bartell

Flight 3: Mark Wrobleski

Flight 4: Neal Mehta

Flight 5: Phil Nero

Senior Cup Matches:

Flight 1: Kevin McGarry

Flight 2: Russ Hinz

Flight 3: Peter Vander Grinten

Flight 4: Tom Shaw

Watch for email invitations in March with a link to register for 2018 match play competitions.   

For tournament rules, click here.     

Summer Tour 1 - May 26th

Summer Tour 1 will be held on Saturday, May 26th.  Watch for email invitations beginning in April with a link to register. 

Hole-in-One Club

Register for our Hole-in-One Club (see email invitation or request a new link by emailing bdgcnews@gmail.com).  The first member(s) to make a witnessed hole-in-one at Brown Deer during a Club major or a Club Championship, Cup, Senior Cup, 1st or 2nd team match will earn all funds collected (to help cover all the beverages you will need to buy...)!  If two or more registered members make an ace on the same day, they shall split the pot.

Registration for the next Hole-in-One Club will open upon the earlier of the day after a registered member(s) makes an ace or at the start of the next season.  Funds remaining at the end of a year will be carried over to the following year (and be subject to an additional $5 buy-in to win).  If the club is discontinued for any reason, funds collected from current members will be returned.

Watch for email invitations with a link to register beginning in March.

Handicap Reminders

Maintaining proper handicaps and playing by USGA rules are fundamental elements of our club.  Remember to post all acceptable scores played during the active season (April 1st to October 31st in Wisconsin; other states vary) using Equitable Stroke Control ("ESC").  However, the club will post scores for all Majors and Summer Tour events.    

The USGA announced key changes to its handicap system during 2016: USGA 2016 Key Handicap Changes

Note that scores when playing alone are no longer acceptable for handicap purpose.  Click here for more information: Playing Alone FAQ

Equitable Stroke Control:

            Course Handicap     Maximum Score per Hole

            9 or less                              Double Bogey

            10 through 19                           7

            20 through 29                           8           

            30 through 39                           9     

            40 or more                               10

Click here for handicap procedures, including how to set handicaps for players competing from different tee boxes: Handicap Reminders.