Eckhardt 2-Man Best Ball - August 15 (1-Day Format) or August 15-16 (2-Day)

Register (tee times starting at 7:33 a.m.)

Entries close Saturday, August 8.

60th Annual Arnold Walker Championship - August 29 & 30

Played at Brown Deer.  This tournament is open to all players with a WSGA handicap and will be flighted (with gross scores used except for the highest handicap flight). 

$127 for MCPLA members.  $35 for Brown Deer season pass holders. 

Registration closes Monday, August 17.

Withdrawing from Events

If you need to withdraw from an event for any reason, a full refund will be issued if you cancel at least 5 days in advance.  If you cancel thereafter, your entry fee is subject to forfeit. 

To withdraw from an event, click here to let us know.

Remaining 2020 Calendar

New for 2020 - see links below to register events.  Emails will be sent far less frequently. 

(Majors in Bold)

All Season  - The Brown Deer Player’s Cup
Earn points throughout the year for participation and performance.  The top 32 members play off at the end of the year during the “Wind-Up” for the low gross and low net players of the year.

Played at 100% of handicap.

August 15 & 16 - Eckhardt 2-Man Best Ball (tee times starting at 7:33 a.m.)
2-man best ball with 1-day or 2-day options.  Played at 85% of handicap.   Entries close Sunday at noon. 

Sunday, August 23 - Summer Tour 6 (tee times starting at 8:36 a.m.)
Played at 95% of handicap.

Saturday, September 5 - First Team at Oakwood

Sunday, September 6 - Summer Tour 7 (tee times starting at 8:00 a.m.)
Played at 95% of handicap.

Sunday, September 13 - The Wind-Up (gather at 7:45 a.m. / 8:00 a.m. shotgun)
Individual stroke play (low gross and low net) with pairings by flights (+ mixed groups upon request).  Morning shotgun start.  Played at 95% of handicap. 

Mid to late October TBD - Year-End Awards Dinner & Meeting

Match Play

Contact your opponent(s) to schedule your matches on time.  See the roster link sent by email for member contact information. 

Matches should not be played during club Majors. 

For additional information, see the individual match play and Kreger 2-man match medal pages.

New 1st Team North vs. South Matches

MCPLA has revived 1st Team matches this year with a new North (BD, Currie, Dretzka) vs. South (Greenfield, Oakwood, Whitnall) format. 

If interested in playing, contact Mike Fischbach from our club. 

Upcoming matches:
  • August 9 at Dretzka
  • September 5 at Oakwood

Hole-in-One Club

Congratulations to Larry Lynch who scored an ace on hole #3 during the Memorial on June 6th, earning him the 2017 - 2020 pot.   Larry holed a 3-wood from ~165 yards to a back left pin position.  

We're starting over.  Join the new second half 2020 Hole-in-One Club for $5.  Watch for an email to register.

The next member(s) to make a witnessed hole-in-one at Brown Deer during a Club Major, Club Championship, Cup, Senior Cup, Kreger 2-Man, Spring Tour, Summer Tour, MCPLA match or 9-hole Social Night Event will earn all funds collected (to help cover all the beverages you will need to buy)!  If two or more registered members make an ace on the same day, they shall split the pot.

Any funds remaining at year-end will be carried over to the Hole-in-One Club for next year.

Players Cup

The Brown Deer Players Cup is a season long competition.  Earn points for participation and performance in events.  During the Wind-Up, the top 32 participants on the point list (a change for 2020 - not just the top 32 on the list) will compete for the low gross and low net Players Cup titles. 

To view additional details and past champions, click here.

Handicap Reminders

Maintaining proper handicaps and playing by the rules of golf are fundamental elements of our club.  Remember to post all acceptable scores played during the active season (April 1st to October 31st in Wisconsin; other regions vary).  Upon posting three scores, you will have an active handicap for use in club competitions. 

However, for Brown Deer Men's Golf Club group events scored using BlueGolf (the "Majors", Summer Classic, Spring Tour, Summer Tour, 9-Hole Social Nights and Fall Tour), the Committee will post all scores for the field.  If in doubt at an event, ask if your score will be posted or if you need to do so.     

The Handicap Committee within our golf club is responsible for administering the USGA Handicap System. 
The primary goal of the system and the Committee is to enable golfers of differing skill levels to compete on an equitable basis.   The committee will verify that scores are properly posted for handicap purposes and peer review and is authorized to adjust players' indexes as documented in the Official Rules of Handicapping

Effective January 1. 2020, the World Handicap System (WHS) unified six handicap systems and provides every player in the world with a consistent measure of ability. The WHS enables players of different abilities globally to compete against others on a fair basis.  The Rules of Handicapping replaces the USGA Handicap System, which has been in place since 1911, and the USGA Course Rating System has become the Course Rating System.

For a summary of changes effective in 2020, click here.

Note that scores when playing alone are not acceptable for handicap purpose.  Click here for more information: Playing Alone FAQ

Click here for handicap procedures for matches: Handicapping

Our club follows recommendations published in Appendix C of the Rules of Handicapping.  Depending upon the format of each event, you will be assigned a course handicap equal to 85% to 100% (rounded to the nearest whole number) of your full handicap for the tee box that you are playing. 

For additional background, see below as published by the USGA:

Q. What are handicap allowances and why are they recommended for various formats of play?

A. A handicap allowance is the percentage of a Course Handicap recommended to create equity based on the format of play.

Since higher-handicap players typically have more variance in their scores and an increased potential to shoot lower net scores, when full Course Handicaps are used in certain formats, players with lower Course Handicaps are generally at a disadvantage. By taking a percentage of Course Handicap, the higher handicap players are impacted more, which brings the expected scores for all players or teams to a more consistent level. Handicap allowances are mainly applied in team formats, where the combination of players can produce lower scores compared to other teams.

Millions of scores and/or simulations were used to determine and validate the handicap allowances used under the World Handicap System, and the recommendations for each format of play can be found here. (Appendix C, Rules of Handicapping)

Competition Scores

Scores for rounds played during the following events are considered "Competition Scores" (formerly known as "T Scores") and should be posted as such. 

"Competition Scores" posted by Event Committees on your behalf:
  • BDMGC Majors (Mixer, Memorial, Quota Classic, President's Cup, Eckhardt 2-Man Best Ball and the Wind-Up)
"Competition Scores" to be posted by you:
  • BDMGC match play rounds (Club Championship, Cup Matches and 2-Man Match Medal)
  • MCPLA, WPLA and other major competitive events (if posting is not done automatically for you)

2020 Membership

If you are new to the club and would like to register - welcome!  Click here: New Member Registration

If you are a returning member, register using a link in an email invitation or click here: Existing Member Renewal (Late)

If you are a prospective member and have any questions, send an email to

To receive a newsletter with additional information, text "BDMGC" to 22828 and provide your email address. 

Member Types & Annual Dues:
  • Regular Member ($110) - age 26 and over
  • Senior Member ($75) - age 65 and over, member prior 5 years
  • Associate Member ($60) - age 25 or less
  • Life Member ($50) - after 45 years of membership
  • Honorary Member ($33 - for reimbursement of WSGA and MCPLA fees paid by BDMGC) - by vote and induction
  • Social Member or 1-Year Leave of Absence ($30)
For renewals, a $10 late fee has gone into effect.