Year-End Awards Dinner & Meeting - Monday, October 22

You are encouraged to attend our year-end awards dinner and meeting to be held on Monday, October 22nd at Pastiche Bistro, 4313 W. River Lane Rd. Mike Engel, fellow club member, is kindly closing his restaurant to the public to host our event.  Let's have a strong turnout! $20 cost includes appetizers, raffle prizes and dinner. 

Your registration, menu selection and payment must be received by October 17th. Sign Up by responding to email previously sent or Sign Up Here.

Schedule of events:
5:30 p.m. - Social hour with drinks and appetizers
6:30 p.m. - Dinner to be served 
7:30 p.m. - Year-end meeting with awards presentations, brief discussion of business topics and officer elections 
8:30 p.m. - Announce raffle winners and 2018 officers 
8:45 p.m. - Adjourn

2018 NIMAGA/MCPLA Annual Challenge Results - MCPLA 59.5 beat NIMAGA 36.5

Congratulations to the Milwaukee fellas for crushing our Northern Illinois counterparts, continuing our recent domination of the series.  Milwaukee hasn't lost in 7 years, winning 6 of 7 matches with one tie.  The 43rd annual challenge started in 1975 by our own Ray Ruper has Northern Illinois still clinging to the series lead 23-18 with 2 ties.  See you next year Sept 21 at Bristol Oaks, Kenosha to continue the good work!  The 32 man MCPLA squad included Brown Deer members: Pat Garvens, Russ Hinz, Fabien Edjou, Phil Nero and Bill Shamburek.  Team captained by John Haeflinger, Grant Park.

The Wind-Up & Players Cup - September 15

Congratulations to the winners.  See below for links to complete results and prizes.

Players Cup Low Net - Russell Kerr (-1)

PlacePlayerNet ScoreCash
Card $
1Russell Kerr-1$70
2Mark McQuideE$40
T3Dirk Anderson1$20
T3Larry Lynch1$20

Players Cup Low Gross - Mohammad Khan - (+7)

PlacePlayerGross ScoreCash
 Card $
1Mohammed Khan+7$70
T2Scott Schwartz+8$33
T2Kevin McGarry+8$33
4Mark Arbuckle+10$15

Wind-Up Low Net - Will Barrett (-4) (by tiebreaker on back 9)

PlacePlayerNet ScoreMerchandise Card $
1Will Barrett-4$100
2Mohammed Khan-4$90
3Eric Joy-2$85
4Russell Kerr-1$80
T5Terrence MulcahyE$72
T5Mark McQuideE$72
T7Dirk Anderson+1$57
T7Timothy Barbeau+1$57
T7Jim Watson+1$57
T7Larry Lynch+1$57
T11Philip Nero+2$42
T11Russ Hinz+2$42
T13Neal Mehta+3$33
T13Martin Nelson+3$33
T15Bill Shamburek+4$18
T15Nathan Haas+4$18
T15Charles Wroblewski+4$18
T15Vince Condella+4$18
T15Andrew Osowski+4$18
T15Jeff Nielsen+4$18

Wind-Up Low Gross - Nate Joy (+1)

PlacePlayerGross ScoreMerchandise Card $
1Nathan Joy72$100
2Jay Armbruster76$90
T3Scott Schwartz79$83
T3Kevin McGarry79$83
5Matthew Dono80$74
T6Steve Vaughan81$67
T6Mark Arbuckle81$67
T8Jon Dorf82$57
T8Robert Yurasovich82$57
10Jonathan Malson84$50
T11Michael Schwitzer85$44
T11Mark Anderson85$44
T13Marc R. Van Bell86$30
T13Kyle Mandrelle86$30
T13Andrew Schuelke86$30

A Flight Skins - 5 skins @ $30 each: Arbuckle, Armbruster, N. Joy, Nielsen & Van Bell

B Flight Skins - 9 skins @ $17 each: M. Anderson, Butzen, Edjou, Huettner, E. Joy, Lotzer (2), Watson & Zuba

C Flight Skins - 9 skins @ $17 each: S. Boehme, DeBoe (3), Deffke, Kerr, Mulcahy, Reising & Youngman

Individual Match Play

Congratulations to our 2018 club champion, Kyle Mandrelle, and other flight winners.  Watch for prizes to be posted soon. 

Club Championship:

1st - Kyle Mandrelle
2nd - Adam Finkel
3rd - Nate Joy & Jim Zirbes
5th - Will Barrett, Jon Dorf, Dan Litvinoff & Jay Armbruster

Cup Matches:

Flight 1:
1st - Andy Landenberger
2nd - Adam Finkel
3rd - Brent Hielsberg & Jim Zirbes

Flight 2:
1st - Mike Lessila
2nd - Bill Stace
3rd - Sam Liverseed & Mike Meckstroth

Flight 3
1st - Mark McQuide
2nd - Mike Rau
3rd - Dave Butzen & Varun Laroyia

Flight 4:
1st - Pete Vander Grinten
2nd - Mitch Carneol
3rd - Pete Koneazny & Bruce Myslis

Flight 5
1st - Phil Nero
2nd - Rusty Kerr
3rd - Fred DeBoe & Bill Miller

Senior Cup Matches:

Flight 1:
1st - Kevin McGarry
2nd - Mohammad Khan
3rd - Mike Fischbach & Pat Garvens

Flight 2:
1st - Mike Rau    
2nd - Mark McGuide
3rd: - Dave Butzen & Mike Kruck

Flight 3:
1st - Pete Vander Grinten
2nd - John Andritsch
3rd -  Jim Christensen & Erik Miller

Flight 4:
1st - Pat Schmidt
2nd - Bill Shamburek
3rd - Fred DeBoe & John Reising

For tournament rules, click here.  

Kreger 2-Man Match Medal

Congratulations to the champions, Andy Landenberger & Joe Stadler (1 up after 19 holes) and runner-ups, Dirk Anderson & Bill Miller. 

3rd Place:
Tom Bartell & Scott Steege
Rusty Kerr & Luke Witte

5th Place:
Vince Condella & Steve McGuire
Pete Koneazny & Phil Nero
Mark McGuide & Kevin McGarry
Matt Lewellyn & Brent Hielsberg

9th Place:
Mohammad Khan & Varun Laroyia
Matt Dono & Bill Shamburek
Tom Kursel & Mike Rogers
Pat Schmidt & Raymond Jamieson
Neal Mehta & Tom Vechey
Andrew Sprunger & Andrew Sullivan
Jay Armbruster & Andy Schuelke
Robert Anderson & Mark Anderson

Watch for prizes to be posted soon.

For tournament rules including guidance on calculating handicaps, click here.

Preliminary 2019 Schedule

(Majors in Bold)

February / March TBD - Winter Social & Meeting

May 4 - The Mixer

May 5 - Second Team at Brown Deer

May 18 & 19 - MCPLA Senior & Mid-Am at Whitnall

June 1 - The Memorial

June 8 - Second Team at Dretzka

June 22 - Second Team at Currie

June 29 - The Quota Classic

July 20 - MCPLA 2-Man Best Ball at Currie

July 21 - President's Cup, Meeting & Lunch

August 17 & 18 - Eckhardt 2-Man Best Ball

August 24 & 25 - Arnold Walker County Championship at Brown Deer

August 31 - Second Team at Greenfield

September 7-8 - Wisconsin Public Links Association Championship at TBD

September 15 - The Wind-Up

September 21 - MCPLA vs. NIMAGA

October TBD - Year-end Awards Dinner & Meeting

Hole-in-One Club

The first member(s) to make a witnessed hole-in-one at Brown Deer during a Club Major, Eckhardt 1-Day, Club Championship, Cup, Senior Cup, Summer Tour or MPCLA match will earn all funds collected (to help cover all the beverages you will need to buy...)!  If two or more registered members make an ace on the same day, they shall split the pot.

Since an ace wasn't made during 2017 or 2018, $1,010 will carry over to 2019. 

Cost to enter the 2019 Hole-in-One Club will be as follows:

Paid member during 2017 / 2018: $5
First-time entry: $15

To join. watch for an email invitation in early 2019 or request a new link by emailing

Handicap Reminders

Maintaining proper handicaps and playing by USGA rules are fundamental elements of our club.  Remember to post all acceptable scores played during the active season (April 1st to October 31st in Wisconsin; other states vary) using Equitable Stroke Control ("ESC").  However, the club will post scores for all Majors and Summer Tour events.    

Note that scores when playing alone are not acceptable for handicap purpose.  Click here for more information: Playing Alone FAQ

Equitable Stroke Control:

            Course Handicap     Maximum Score per Hole

            9 or less                              Double Bogey

            10 through 19                           7

            20 through 29                           8           

            30 through 39                           9     

            40 or more                               10

Click here for handicap procedures, including how to set handicaps for players competing from different tee boxes: Handicap Reminders.