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2-Man Match Medal

To access the brackets and to update match results: click hereIf you require assistance, contact bdgcnews@gmail.com.

  • Format: 2-man teams play hole-by-hole matches throughout the season as determined by the brackets. The team with the lowest total net score wins each hole (or holes are halved if tied).  The winning team of each match advances to the next round.  
  • Members must compete from the blue tees unless approved to play forward for the season (see Forward Tee Policy).
  • If competing from different tee boxes, a white tee player's course handicap (from the white tees) should be decreased by two per USGA guidelines (and be compared against the other players' blue tee course handicaps).   
  • Matches must be played at Brown Deer prior to due dates on a weekend unless all players unanimously agree to play at another course and/or on a weekday. 
  • USGA rules of golf for stroke play apply and disputes shall be handled accordingly.
  • Any player without a current WSGA handicap index at the time of a match must compete as a scratch.
  • Use current handicap indexes to determine course handicaps.  The player with the lowest handicap should always play as a scratch.  Reduce the course handicaps of three members by the course handicap of the member with the lowest handicap.   Handicap strokes should be allocated at 100% according to the scorecard rankings of the course played.
    • For example, assume that members with indexes of 5.5, 10.5, 15.5 and 20.5 are competing.  Also, the player with an index of 20.5 will be competing from the white tees.
    • Indexes should first be converted to course handicaps of 6 for Member A, 12 for Member B, 17 for Member C (from the blue tees) and 22 for Member D (from the white tees).  Member D's course handicap would be reduced by 2 strokes to 20 to compensate for the different tee boxes played (resulting in a 3 stroke reduction relative to Member D's blue tee course handicap of 23).   For details regarding the adjustment for players competing from different tee boxes, click here and view the bottom of the page.
    • For the match, Member A would play at scratch.  Members B, C and D would play with course handicaps of 6 (blue tees), 11 (blue tees) and 14 (white tees), respectively.  So Member B would receive one stroke on holes ranked 1-6.  Member C would receive one stroke on holes ranked 1-11.  Member D would receive one stroke on holes ranked 1-14.
  • All deadlines must be met, or both teams will be disqualified. 
  • In the event of a tie after 18-holes, the following rules apply:
    • Members should request permission from the starter to play a sudden death playoff starting on hole #1.  If starting on hole #1 isn't feasible, the pro shop will attempt to suggest a different starting hole.  Regardless of the starting hole as dictated by the pro shop, handicap strokes should again be allocated as they fall on the card.       
    • If the above does not resolve the Match, it shall be considered a tie and the Match should be played over. A one week grace period will be granted if necessary.
    • If the Match is still unresolved, the team with the lowest net team Medal Score for the initial 18 holes is the winner.
  • If a player is disabled prior to the first Match, another member may replace him. Once the first match is played, there can be no substitutions of players for any reason.
  • The winning team of each match is responsible for immediately updating the online brackets.  If you experience any technical issues, report your match results to bdgcnews@gmail.com

Past Champions:

2018: Andy Landenberger & Joe Stadler
2017: Bruce Myslis & Chris Hoel
2016: Steve Koppel & Mike Youngman
2015: Mark Kotnour & Dan Litvinoff
2014: Bill Joy & Andrew LeTourneau
2013: Jay Cox & Steve Vaughan
2012: John Carlton & Rich Sell
2011: Mark Anderson & Erik Miller
2010: John Carlton & Rich Sell
2009: Dave Butzen & Trey Johnson
2008: Jerry Zimmerman & David Zimmerman
2007: Dan Daly & Dave Foley
2006: Kevin McQuide & Mark McQuide
2005: Tim Golden & Brian Grossman
2004: Tim Golden & Brian Grossman
2003: Perry Hendricks & Dave Zimmerman
2002: Andy Osowski & Andy Schuelke
2001: Eric Joy & Nate Joy
2000: Steve Boehme & Rich Sell
1999: Dennis Gorman & Ray Ruper
1998: Dave Wernicke & Tim Wainscott
1997: D. Kaehny & B. Halvorson
1996: A. Fischer & P. Bartlak
1995: J. Means & J. Carlton
1994: J. Zimmerman & G. Peterson
1993: K. Peterson & T. Kusch
1992: J. Zimmerman & G. Peterson
1991: D. Kreger & J. Kreger
1990: S. Ovelby & P Giddings
1989: B. Barrett & M. Feeber
1988: TBU
1987: K. McGarry & D. Ogas
1986: D. Kaehny & M. Raml
1985: M. Markowski & J. Towle
1984: B Diederich & R. Piekenbrock
1983: Harold Callum & Dennis Gorman
1982: Ray Hadfield & Erv Kosharek
1981: Bob Dickuhr & Les Koepsell
1980: TBU
1979: TBU
1978: Allen Williams & Arnold Walker