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Hole-in-One Club

Renew your 2017 Hole-in-One Club membership for $5 or join for the first time for $10.  The first member(s) to make a witnessed hole-in-one at Brown Deer during a Club Major, Club Championship, Cup, Senior Cup, Summer Tour or MCPLA match will earn all funds collected (to help cover all the beverages you will need to buy...)!  If two or more registered members make an ace on the same day, they shall split the pot.

Registration for the next Hole-in-One Club will open upon the earlier of the day after a registered member(s) makes an ace or at the start of the next season.  Any funds remaining will be carried over to the Hole-in-One Club for the following year.  New entries are subject to a catch-up payment to match carryovers from prior years (if not previously entered). 

Watch for an email invitation soon.  If needed, send a request for an invitation to bdgcnews@gmail.com.

Status as of 5/7/2018:

2018 Members (* = new Hole-in-One Club member)
Dirk Anderson
Mark Anderson
Edwin Antony*
Mark Arbuckle
Will Barrett
Tim Barbeau
Tom Bartell
Nick Bournelis*
Mitch Carneol
Jim Christensen*
Bob Cohn

David Cohn
Mike Collins
Pat Cox
Tom Deffke
Vince Condella*
Pat Cox
Bob Dean
Fred Deboe
Tom Deffke
Ryan Derus
Greg DiSalvo
Matt Dono

Jon Dorf*
Fabien Edjou
(subject to $5 payment)
Mike Eklund
John Engel

Mike Engel (overpaid by $5; pending return)
Adam Finkel
Todd Firer*
Glenn Frohwirth*
Pat Garvens

Brian Grossman
Dan Hubacek
Russ Hinz
Chris Hoel*
Steve Horner
Michael Johnstone
Peter Jonas
Nate Joy*
Dennis Kaehny
Mark Kaehny
Rusty Kerr
Mohamed Khan*
Tom Kleber*
Steve Koppel
Tom Kursel*
Mike Kruck
Varun Laroyia

Andy Landenberger
Mike Lessila
Bert Lim
Dan Litvinoff
Larry Lynch
Jim Lyons*
Steve Malisow
Kyle Mandrelle*
Brant McCartan*
Ben McGuire*
Mike Meckstroth
Joe Meloy
Bill Miller
Erik Miller
Terrance Mulcahy (subject to additional $5)
Bruce Myslis
Marty Nelson
Kyle Olmstead*
Allen Onopa (subject to additional $5)
Nate Penn*
Mike Rau
John Reising
Pat Schmidt
Tom Schultz*
Scott Schwartz
Craig Settler (subject to payment)
Bill Shamburek
Tim Smasal
Bill Smith (paid twice; $5 return pending)
Bill Stace
Scott Steege
Marc Van Bell
Steve Vaughan
Tom Vechey
Peter Vander Grinten
Tom Wanta
Jim Watson
Glenn Weiske
Joe Winland*
Mark Wrobleski
Michael Youngman
Members from 2017 with $5 renewal pending:

John Andritsch
Dave Butzen
Percy Hopson
Brian Keeling
Pete Koneazny
Pat Lotzer
Tom Perlberg
Joe Resch
Scott Rogers
Chris Spahn
Erik Ugland
Robert Yurasovich