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MCPLA Match Play

Second Team Match Play

Represent the Brown Deer team.  Handicapped match play competitions against other MCPLA clubs (12 players each) for team points throughout the year.  Open to all members.

To register for matches, access our new GolfGenius website.  

MCPLA Rules for Team Match Play (link to right to be updated): Team Match Play Rules

New To Team Match Play - see details (link to right to be updated): What to Expect Team Match Play

Sample Team Match Play Score Card - see details (link to right to be updated)2nd Team Scorecard

Players should post their own scores as a "Tournament" score. 

2021 Team Captain:

Russ Hinz

2021 Second Team Schedule:

May 22 at Oakwood

June 19 at Grant

July 17 at Currie

August 8 at Greenfield

August 21 at Whitnall

First Team North vs. South Matches

MCPLA is trying to revive First Team matches this year with a new North (BD, Currie, Dretzka) vs. South (Greenfield, Oakwood, Whitnall) format. 

If interested in playing, contact Mike Fischbach.

Upcoming Matches:


    2021 Second Team Standings After Grant:
    Grant 253
    Oakwood 238
    Currie 233
    Greenfield 212
    Whitnall 205
    Brown Deer 190
    Dretzka 181

    Oakwood Results May 22
    Oakwood 131
    Grant 123
    Dretzka 106
    Currie 104
    Whitnall 99
    Greenfield 98
    Brown Deer 95

    Brown Deer Results at Oakwood May 22
    No. NamePoints Earned   
    1 Curt Hetttner14   
    2 Bill Shamburek14   
    3 Varun Karoyia12   
    4 Mark McQuide11   
    5 Mark Anderson11   
    6 Ali Sadeghi10   
    7 Gabe Neitzel7   
    8 Phil Nero7   
    9 Russ Hinz4   
    10 Wayne Kropp3   
    11 Pat Garvens2   
    12 John Carlton0   

    Grant Results June 19th
    Grant 130
    Currie 129
    Greenfield 114
    Oakwood 107
    Whitnall 106
    Brown Deer 95
    Dretzka 75

    Brown Deer Results at Grant June 19th
    No. NamePoints Earned   
    1 Patrick Garvens17   
    2 Bruce B. Myslis14   
    3 Ali Sadeghi14   
    4 Mohammad Khan13   
    5 Bill Shamburek12   
    6 Philip Nero8   
    7 Andrew Oswoski6   
    8 Wayne kropp4   
    9 Mark Anderson3   
    10 Curt Huettner3   
    11 Gabe Neitzel1   
    12 Mark McQuide0   

    Brown Deer Results at Currie July 17th
    No. NamePoints Earned   
    1 Andy Osowski17   
    2 Bill Shamburek14   
    3 Ali Sadeghi12   
    4 Gabe Neitzel12   
    5 Richard Ball11   
    6 Brucve Myslis9   
    7 Jose Teigeiro7   
    8 Erik Dyba6   
    9 Rob Kramer5   
    10 Mohammad Khan3   
    11 Don Mcleod1   
    12 Wayne Kropp0