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Second Team

Represent the Brown Deer team.  Handicapped match play competitions against other MCPLA clubs (16 players each) for team points throughout the year.  Open to all members.

To register for matches, click on links in email invitations or reminders you receive.  If you need a new invitation, send a request to

Team Captain:

Patrick Garvens
YTD Team Standings:

Currie              677
Brown Deer     623
Oakwood         595
Whitnall            590
Grant               528
Greenfiel          527
Dretzka            592

Individual YTD BDMGC Point Leaders:


Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 members as of season end.

Remaining 2017 Schedule:

Saturday, July 22nd at Greenfield - 6:00 a.m. crossover start (low handicaps first)

Sunday, August 20th at Brown Deer - 6:00 a.m. crossover start (high handicaps first)


May 6th at Grant:

Currie               236
Greenfield        207
Brown Deer      200
Grant                194
Whitnall            188
Dretzka            163
Oakwood         156

Top Players from Brown Deer:

Individual Points
24: Mark McQuide
23: Curt Huettner, Fabien Edjou, Tom Wanta

Individual Low Net
66: Curt Huettner,  Fabien Edjou

No Brown Deer player won a skin or hole event.

June 3rd at Whitnall:

Currie               224
Whitnall            209
Oakwood          202
Grant                196
Brown Deer      188
Greenfield         163
Dretzka             162

Individual Low Net
68: Kevin McGarry, Mark McQuide

Individual Points
24: Kevin McGarry, Tom Wanta
22: Mark McQuide

Skins:  Erik Miller (#8)

Hole Prizes: Phil Nero (closest to pin #3)

June 25th at Oakwood:

Brown Deer      235
Oakwood          237

Currie               217
Whitnall            193
Dretzka             167
Greenfield         157
Grant                 138

Individual Low Net
68: Kevin McGarry
69: Tom Wanta, Pat Garvens

Individual Points
23: Tom Wanta, Pat Garvens
22: Kevin McGarry

Skins:  Kevin McGarry (#13)

July 22nd at Greenfield:


August 20th at Brown Deer: