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Summer Tour

Summer Tour is a great time to complete cup matches or 2-man matches.  Net stroke play and flighted skins competitions.  Sign up as a single or form your own group.  Play as many or as few events as you choose.

IMPORTANT: If you request other members in your foursome, please make sure you have everyone's agreement first! 

All winnings are credited to "merchandise card accounts" for use in the pro shop.

Remaining 2020 Summer Tour Schedule & Registration Links:

Summer Tour 2 - May 30

Net Stableford:

1Scott Schwartz40$40
2Mark Anderson36$36
3Neal Mehta35$33
T4Will Barrett34$25
T4Gabe Neitzel34$25
T4Andrew Sprunger34$25
T4Don MacLeod34$25
T4Kevin McGarry34$25
T9Bruce B. Myslis33$16
T9Chris Sorenson33$16
T9Raymond Jamieson33$16
T9Fabien Edjou33$16
T13Jon Dorf32$9
T13Michael Lessila32$9
T13Jon Saporito32$9
T13Scott Morey32$9
T13Curt Huettner32$9

A Flight Skins (Gross - Handicaps <10): 4 @ $20 each - Dorf, Marchese, Netizel, Sprunger

B Flight Skins (Net - Handicaps 10+): 5 @ $27 each - M Anderson, Huettner, Morey, Saporito, Vandergrinten

Summer Tour 3 - June 14

1Chris Sorenson42$40
2Allen McIlwraith41$36
T3Jackson Almond37$29
T3Peter Vandergrinten37$29
T3Philip Nero37$29
T6John Cordan, III36$22
T6Bill Shamburek36$22
8Fred DeBoe34$17
T9Matt Murphy33$14
T9Vince Condella33$14
T9Mohammed Khan33$14
T12Patrick Garvens32$11
T12Rod Dow32$11
T12Varun Laroyia32$11

A Flight Skins (Gross - Handicaps <10): 5 @ $7 each - Almond (3), Dorf (2)

B Flight Skins (Net - Handicaps 10+): 7 @ $22 each - R Cohn, Condella, Garvens, B McGuire, Murphy, Reising, Vandergrinten

Summer Tour 4 - July 5

1Philip Nero-5$40
T2Ali Sadeghi-2$32
T2Chris Kondrick-2$32
4Mohammed Khan-1$27
T5Peter Vandergrinten+1$22
T5Fred DeBoe+1$22
T7Craig Settler+2$17
T7Andrew Sullivan+2$17
T9Ben McGuire+3$12
T9Andrew Sprunger+3$12

A Flight Skins (Gross): 3 @ $17 each - Almond (3), Brunow, Dorf (2), Lim, Mandrelle (2), Netizel

B Flight Skins (Net): 5 @ $25 each - Cordan, Khan, Kondrick, Kropp, B McGuire

Summer Tour 5 - August 1

1Patrick Garvens37$40
2Jon Dorf37$35
T3Jackson Almond36$27
T3Neal Mehta36$27
T3Gregory Abresch36$27
T6John Aguirre35$17
T6Ali Sadeghi35$17
T6Greg DiSalvo35$17
T6Chris Sorenson35$17
T10Mark Wrobleski34$6
T10Vince Condella34$6
T10Terrence Mulcahy34$6
T10Tim Brunow34$6

A Flight Skins (Gross): 10 @ $3 each - Almond (3), Brunow, Dorf (2), Lim, Mandrelle (2) Neitzel

B Flight Skins (Net): 5 @ $32 each - Condella, Jamieson (2), Laroyia, Sherrod

Summer Tour 6 - August 23

Results TBU

Summer Tour 7 - September 6

Results TBU