2015 Results

The Mixer - May 9th

1-2-3 Team Results - 1st: Nate Haas, Neal Mehta, Jeff Wold & Brian Grossman

The Memorial - May 31st

Net Stableford Results - 1st: Mike Kruck

Gross Stableford Results 1st: Nicholas Hernandez

The Jeff & Jeff - June 27th

2-Man Quota - 1st: Andy Osowski & Michael Osowski

The President's Cup - July 19th

Net Stableford Results - 1st: John Kurzawa (by tiebreaker)

Gross Stableford Results - 1st: Mike Fischbach

Eckhardt 2-Man Best Ball - August 8th & 9th

36-Hole 2-Man Best Ball - 1st: Jeff Nielsen & Jeff Kleine

Summer Classic - August 15th

2-Man Shamble Results 1st: Bruce Myslis & John Engel

The Wind-Up - September 26th 

Wind-Up 1-2-3 Results 1st: Bruce Myslis, John Engel, Chris Hoel & Andy Landenberger

Brown Deer Club Championship & Cup Match Champions

Congratulations to the winners of each flight and to Mike Fischbach for winning the Club Championship! 

Club Champion: Mike Fisbach

1st Flight: Will Barrett

1st Flight - Seniors: William Sala

2nd Flight: Michael Meckstroth

2nd Flight - Seniors: Tom Schultz

3rd Flight: William Sala

3rd Flight - Seniors: Mike Kruck

4th Flight: John Engel

4th Flight - Seniors: Phil Nero

5th Flight:
Bruce Myslis

6th Flight: Tim Bauer

Kreger 2-Man Match Medal Championship

Congratulations to Mark Kotnour & Dan Litvinoff for winning the Kreger 2-Man Match Medal Championship!

Brown Deer Players Cup Champions

Low Gross Championship - 1st: Nate Joy

Low Net Championship - 1st: Brian Grossman

Players Cup Final Standings - By Points

Players Cup Final Points - By Alpha

Players Cup Point Final Details: PDF or Excel